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Teknicom Sales Co., Inc. specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of quality intercom systems and products for the elevator, security, industrial and retail markets. Since 1982, our products have provided state of the art intercom systems meeting the vital communication requirements of projects around the world. We have been a supplier member of the National Association of Elevator contractors since 1985.


The ECS series of intercom products provide the maximum in cost effectiveness, ease of installation, high quality performance and modular flexibility. Our systems can be configured for small applications to large systems in excess of 256 stations. All of our products are designed to meet or exceed industry standards, including ADA (Americans for Disability Act), by providing visual and voice communications with synthesized voice announcements to a remote telephone.


  • ADA compliant hands free communications

  • Combination of ADA phone and intercom

  • Access to PBX and public phone systems

  • Alarm annunciating master stations

  • Direct dial master stations

  • Direct selection master stations

  • Flush mount sub-stations

  • Outdoor stations

  • Battery back up systems

  • All Call/Group Call paging

  • Built in line/station testing

  • Music/P.A. interface

  • Light, tone, bell, horn or strobe annunciation

  • Zoned point of service communications