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The ECS system is comprised of master stations, sub-stations, remote stations, and optional telephone interface. The system utilizes a Central Exchange to link the various stations into one network. For special applications, systems are available without a Central Exchange.


The Central Exchange operates and controls the entire network. It contains the amplifiers, microprocessors, data communications line drivers, line switching boards and cable termination boards. Modular cabinets are available in multiples starting at 8 stations and expandable to accommodate more than 256 stations.

The entire ECS intercom system operates from 24-48VDC supplied from a 120/220-240VAC, 50-60Hz power source. Emergency battery powered systems, with ratings of four hour operation, can be provided as optional equipment.


MODEL T31000 AND T32000

Master stations are available in various size configurations for flush, surface or desk mounting. All are microprocessor-equipped with individual amplifier and program control.


  • Programmable - Communicate to any station or function (Group Call/All Call)

  • Selector Buttons containing annunciator LEDS (10 per row)

  • Speaker and microphone controls 

  • Automatic self test

  • Handsets equipped with 9 or 25 feet (3 or 7.6m)  coiled cord

  • All buttons pre-labeled

  • Privacy and override controls 

  • 10- 150 station buttons

  • Individual flashing LED and tone annunciation


MODEL T31501 AND T31600

Hands free/handset intercom master station with a keypad and controls for volume, talk, release, privacy and answer. Provides access to and from all sectors of the ECS300 system for two way communications.

Model T31501 is a non-alarm annunciator type while T31600 will annunciate alarms by individual flashing LED and tone.


  • Surface or desk mount

  • Handset equipped with coiled cord 9 or 25 feet (3 or 7.6m)

  • Privacy and override controls